The Best Senior Portrait Session Versus Traditional Class Photos

When you’re a high school student, there are two types of photo sessions you’ll have: senior portraits and class pictures. For many people, the difference between the two is blurry. So, what’s the difference between a senior portrait session and class pictures? While both types of photos capture memories, senior photos are typically much more formal and posed than class pictures. Senior portraits are taken by a professional photographer and usually involve choosing what to wear and doing your hair and makeup beforehand, while for class pictures you’ll likely just grab whatever is clean and throw your hair up in a bun.

Senior portraits are also often taken in a studio than that of a class picture that is usually taken inside a school campus. Class pictures are taken by the school or a hired photographer and generally involve sitting in a chair with your classmates. Which one should you choose for your graduation? Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of each type of photo session to help make your decision easier.

The difference between a senior portrait session and class pictures

Senior portrait sessions are more relaxed and informal than class pictures

In class pictures, the photographer directs you to “smile.” In senior portraits, you can do whatever you want. Senior pictures are great because you don’t have to be serious and act like someone else for the camera. You can just wear your favorite shirt, put on a goofy face, and smile! Class pictures are sometimes boring and awkward, but senior portraits capture the true essence of who you are.

Senior portrait sessions typically last longer, giving you more time to get the perfect shot

Senior portrait sessions are a great way to get your best photos because you have more time with the photographer. You’ll also be able to take breaks and ask for different poses between shots.

Senior portrait sessions usually involve more props and outfit changes

Senior photos are a great way to remember high school, and they’re fun too. You’ll get dressed up in different clothes and wear costumes or props.

Class pictures are typically taken in a school setting with a limited number of poses

Did you know that the number of poses in a school picture is limited? It’s because most schools don’t have enough room to fit all the students. Also, if there are too many different poses it becomes hard to decide which one looks best.

Senior portrait sessions can be taken at any location of your choosing

Want to get your senior portrait taken at an interesting place? Senior pictures are always fun, no matter where you decide to go. If you’ve decided to take senior portraits, the location is up to you. Some of senior’s favorite places are parks, restaurants and in front of famous landmarks.

You will receive digital copies of all your senior portraits, while class pictures are typically just given as prints

What better way to remember your senior year than with a beautiful, high quality portrait? You’ll receive digital copies of all the photos while class pictures tend only to be given as prints.

If you’re a high school senior here in Atlanta, it’s time to start thinking about your portrait session. Soon it will be time for graduation and after that, who knows what adventures lie ahead! 

Before you head off into the world, make sure to commemorate this special time in your life with a professional photo session. The best Atlanta senior photographer will be able to help you capture your personality and style in your senior photos, ensuring that you have beautiful memories of this chapter in your life. 

Class pictures are nice, but there’s nothing quite like having a beautiful portrait to hang on your wall and remind you of all the amazing things you accomplished during your senior year. 

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